Bichon Frise Care Sheet

Updated April 17, 2017

A bichon frise dog is a small, white dog that has curly hair; it is also hypoallergenic and is not known to shed. A bichon frise weighs about 3.18 to 4.99kg. The undercoat is thick and coarse while the other coat is coarser and curlier. A bichon frise is an ideal dog for families, those living in apartments or senior living. The dog has a delightful spirit and a non-pure bread dog is often bread with a poodle, Maltese or terrier.


Regular bathing but not over bathing is important for a bichon frise. Some bichon frise dogs may not love the bath but regular bathing and introducing the bath when they are puppies will make bath time a much more enjoyable experience for owner and dog. Use a dog-specific shampoo and if possible, use a shampoo for dogs that have the same double-layered coat as a bichon.


Regular brushing, in between grooming sessions, is part of the care of this breed. Brush weekly when the dog is groomed regularly; check for fleas, ticks and other issues the brushing session. Again, sensitise the bichon to brushing by beginning regular brushing sessions early in life.

Nails and Anal Glands

The hair and skin aren`t the only aspects of grooming required for regular care of a bichon frise. Regularly check your dog's nails and trim them to avoid ingrown toenails. Bring any ingrown toenails to your vet for proper care; this reduces the chance of infection. The anal glands of your bichon frise also need to be suppressed.

Additional Care Tips

The bichon frise is a white dog that is prone to eye and mouth staining. This stain is also seen in other white dogs such as a Maltese, poodle or West Highland terrier. Use a vet-approved tear stain remover and wash your dog's face regularly; take care when cleaning near the eyes. Regular grooming will also trim away stained fur.

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