Types of Studs & Femmes

Written by lorraine ramirez
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Types of Studs & Femmes
The LGBT community recognises several different classes of lesbians. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

The LGBT -- lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender -- community recognises different types of lesbians. Since identity is a personal decision, you can't identify all types of lesbians because some may choose not to be labelled, while others might mix different types to form an identity. Some are studs and some are stone femmes. Not all characteristics associated with a type, or group, will apply to everybody.

Stone Butch

The stone butch is the ultimate masculine lesbian with often gentlemanly or hypermasculine characteristics. This lesbian is also referred to as a stud. Studs will often present themselves in masculine clothing and have masculine hairstyles. Many will prefer to be called by male pronouns and will often be seen dating a femme or stone femme lesbian. Being stone butch means that she pleases her partner sexually but will not receive nor want any sexual gratification in return.

Soft Butch

The soft butch is like the stone butch in several ways except that her appearance is a little softer, and she still identifies as a woman. She usually will wear her hair longer and might even use some light make-up, like foundation or eyeliner. The soft butch isn't usually seen dating a specific type of lesbian. The soft butch doesn't usually put a limit on her sexuality like the stone butch does.

Baby Dyke

The baby dyke or LIT, lesbian in training, is a term for lesbians who have just come out of the closet or young lesbians. She may be brand new to the dating scene and is just trying to find her place in the world. Baby dykes will usually experiment with the type of lesbian that she envisions herself and will often not have a preference as to the type of lesbian she prefers to date.


The femme is a lesbian with all the traditional womanly characteristics. Femmes often prefer to date butches and have no qualms about dress and make-up. She will often like to highlight her womanly characteristics. Her mannerisms are also those typically associated with women.

Lipstick Lesbian

Lipstick lesbians take femininity to another level of hyperfeminization. She not only loves all that is womanly but prefers to date other lipstick lesbians. She loves to get dressed up, has hyperfeminine mannerisms and likes to be in the company of other lipstick lesbians. She would never date a butch because it doesn't fit into her idea of lesbianism. Lipstick lesbians usually do not place limits on sexual relationships like the stone femme.

Stone Femme

Stone femmes are like a combination of femmes and lipstick lesbians -- with an added sexual restriction. She is womanly; has feminine characteristics; has no qualms about the type of company she keeps, whether butch or femme; and will always date a stone butch. Being stone femme means she is a receiver of sexual love and will not reciprocate. It's about her, and that is how she prefers it.

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