If you have love handles what type of bathing suit should you buy?

Updated April 17, 2017

Love handles can appear on any body size, no matter if you're a size 4 or 14. It's all just a matter of how and where your fat deposits on your body. If you're heading out to go swimming costume shopping, you'll want to select a style that minimises the attention at your midsection while accentuating some of your other areas. Choose a figure-flattering swimming costume so you'll feel confident when it's time to hit the beach.

"A" is for A-line

Try on a few A-line style, one-piece swimming costumes that give your bust plenty of support and hide your waist. An A-line skirt suit is straight and fitted at your ribcage and flows right above your hips to show off your legs. Choose this style suit to create a line that detracts from your waist without compromising your style. Choose a bold colour such a red, magenta or patterned to match your personality.

Body Shaper

Purchase a one-piece suit with a built-in body shaper. A body shaper contains a tough elastic that squeezes you in so that whichever fabric is on top of it is smooth and free of bumps and lumps. As a swimming costume, a shaper gives you two presents in one by blending the body shaping underneath the fabric design of your swimming costume. Opt for a one-piece with ruching so that not only is your midsection smoothed out, but the folded layers distract the eye to help give you more of an hourglass curve at your waistline.

Two Piece Layers

If you're a fan of a two-piece suit, try selecting one where you have a pattern on the top and a solid colour on the bottom. Choose one where the top billows out past your hips to cover your entire midsection. Select strapless or halter tops with two or three cascading layers. Here you can enjoy the freedom of wearing a two-piece without exposing the extra "love" around your waist.

Dark Solids

Don't get too busy with the pattern you choose for your suit. Sometimes less is more. When you have just a hint of extra around your waist, pick a solid colour suit. Select the right size so that the swimming costume doesn't dig into your skin causing more pressure at your waistline. A tankini in a solid colour works well for your body type and is a sure-fire way to minimise the attention. With its slightly loose but long draping, this is the perfect option to hide any of your little flaws.

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