Text Messaging Games for Girls

Written by christine karin
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Text Messaging Games for Girls
Girls can play texting games using cellphones. (Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images)

In August 2010, Briton Melissa Thompson broke a Guinness World Record for writing a 160-letter, 26-word text message in 25.94 seconds. While testing texting speed is a game in itself, girls who don't have Thompson's speedy fingers can use their cellphones to play texting games to stave off boredom and connect with friends and possible dates.

Flirting Games

Text messaging games that involve flirting can be popular among girls. A girl who has her eye on a cute boy but is too shy to call him by phone could play text messaging games with him to break the ice and to get to know him better. After establishing a rapport through texting, she may ask him if he wants to play a text messaging game. Girls can learn a lot about a potential date by playing the game "Would You Rather?" through text messages. Participants form a question with two choices, such as, "Would you rather go a week without your cellphone or your MP3 player?" They take turns responding and may elaborate their answers.

A girl who wants to be a bit more romantic may text a boy the beginning of a poem such as, "Roses are red..." Then the two may take turns coming up with and texting their next line for the poem. They can score some creativity points and make each other laugh.

Video and Picture Texting Games

Girls who have a cellphone with video and picture-taking abilities can use it to play texting games with their girlfriends. One game involves taking a close-up photograph of an object and sending it to your girlfriend. She replies with a text that includes her guess of the object's identify.

They also can play "Truth or Dare" via text messages. If one girl selects "truth," another texts her a question and waits for her text response. For dares, participants can get creative by having the girlfriend take a photograph or video of the stunt and sending it to their cellphone.

Road-Trip Games

Thanks to modern technology, you don't have to be in the same car as someone to play classic road-trip games. Girls can connect with their friends and kill time by playing games such as "20 Questions" by text messaging while travelling. The game begins with one girl selecting a person, place or object. Then the other girl texts her questions to help identify the person, place or object; the questions must be worded so that they receive only "yes" or "no" responses, such as, "Is it an animal?" The object of the game is to guess the person, place or object in fewer than 20 questions.

Girls can play "the Alphabet Game" by text messaging, too. One person comes up with a topic, such as animals, and then texts the name of an animal that begins with the letter "A," such as "aardvark." Then the other person must text back an animal that begins with the letter "B." The girls alternate back and forth until they get through all the letters of the alphabet.

Online Games

When girls need a break from their phones, they can head online to play free text messaging-related games. In the website Popular Girls Games' "Sneaky Texting," a player takes the role of a student who is bored in class and tries to compose and send text messages before the teacher catch her. The game becomes more complicated as it continues; the player has to answer classmates' texts and send more messages before the clock runs out or the teacher catches her. GirlsGames123.com's "Texting in Class" game has a similar premise. Its object is to send enough texts to classmates during the allotted time and avoid the teacher's gaze.

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