Type of Floor for a Small Kitchen

Updated February 21, 2017

Small kitchens can be difficult to decorate as every choice you make can inadvertently cause the space to seem even smaller. Flooring grounds the design of the kitchen and is of utmost importance. Certain flooring makes the room appear larger, such as large tiles, linoleum or wood. The colour of the flooring and its ability to match other decorative elements also proves important in determining the best flooring to use for your small kitchen.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are a good option for small kitchens. Small tiles make the room look smaller, so use 12 x 12-inch tiles to make the kitchen look larger. The room will look wider if you lay the tiles in a diagonal pattern. The light texture of ceramic tiles also makes the kitchen look larger.

Slate Tile

Lighter textures on the floor make a room look larger, making slate a natural option for your kitchen floors. The sand colour of slate blends in with natural elements so high-traffic areas such as the kitchen do not appear as dirty, making the kitchen appear both larger and cleaner.

Wood Flooring

Galley-style kitchens work well with wood flooring. Long wood planks make the room look larger. Stick to a lighter wood with yellow or tan colouring. Some options include oak, maple, and light pine. These words are durable and make the space appear larger. Wood should be installed perpendicular to the cabinets.

Cabinet Matching

Using similar colours for your flooring and other building materials will help make the kitchen appear larger. For example, if you have maple cabinets, opt for maple floors or floors that are a similar colour to the maple cabinets. Using a similarly coloured floor as your walls and countertops also helps make the room appear larger.

Floor Matching

Match the flooring from the connecting room to give the illusion of more space. If the living room is next to the kitchen and uses wood flooring, continue the same wood flooring to the next room. An abrupt change in flooring makes a fast division of space while continuous flooring throughout the home makes each room flow better and seem like one large space.


Linoleum flooring provides a variety of flooring options that make your kitchen appear larger. Easy to attach and to clean, linoleum comes in hundreds of patterns and dozens of colours. Use a large pattern or checkerboard pattern rather than a small, intricate pattern.

Statement Flooring

Make a statement with your flooring to make the floor a focal point that enlarges the kitchen. Marble, stained concrete, a painted floor or cork are all options that immediately cause the eye to move down to the flooring.

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