What Do You Put Inside Birthday Favor Boxes?

Updated February 21, 2017

Once you've purchased all the decorations and food for your loved one's birthday party, it's time to start shopping for the treats you'll put inside the favour boxes. Small, colourful boxes can serve as an attractive part of the table decor, and the goodies inside could make your guests even happier they came to the party.

Edible Favors

Fill the favour boxes with small candies that match the colours of the party decorations. For instance, send your guests home from a summer celebration with yellow, lemon-flavoured candies, or bright pink, sweet treats that taste like watermelon. Or, add a few edible party favours to the decorative boxes that are consistent with the party's theme. A pair of shortbreads with pastel-coloured icing is a deliciously elegant favour box addition for a birthday party with a tea party theme.

Beauty Items

Items that your guests can use long after the party ends make impressive and practical party favours. It's also a good idea to give your guests treats that reflect your personality. If you love make-up and accessories and throw a fashion-themed party, add flavoured lip balm to each favour box. Purchase personalised stickers to adorn the gifts with the date of your birthday celebration, or the words "Thanks for coming to my party!" For a mani-pedi party theme, give your loved ones mini bottles of lotion or nail polish, also adorned with personalised stickers.


A small trinket is often just the right size to fit into a favour box and will help guests to remember the occasion fondly. Order key chains that include a charm in the shape of your age or a symbol that matches the party theme, such as a star for a "moon and star" party, or a heart if your birthday was on or near Valentine's Day. Give guests a set of coasters featuring the emblem of your favourite team to remember your sports-themed party, or a mini beach ball for a "fun in the sun" theme. Include a small card in the box thanking your guest for attending.

Gift Cards

Place a gift card in each birthday party favour box for a gift your loved ones can use any time. For instance, a gift card to your favourite bakery, redeemable for a cupcake or slice of cake in the same flavour that was featured at your party, will remind guests of the great time you shared. Or, you can offer guests a gift card to the local coffee or ice cream shop. Add a few candies for garnish, such as colourful mints or mini chocolate bars, before handing the favours out to guests.

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