Preschool activities about jungle animals

Updated March 23, 2017

As preschoolers continue to learn about the world around them, also introduce them to different animals and their habitat. Jungle animals make an interesting topic for preschoolers to learn about because of the different living environment compared to their own. Also incorporate activities that can help preschoolers learn about the different characteristics of animals in the jungle.

Paw Prints

Help preschoolers learn about the characteristics of different jungle animals by following animal paw prints to a path that ends with a clue. Create several paths for preschoolers to follow by cutting the same animal print from different colours of construction paper. Each coloured path has a different clue for the particular jungle animal. Clues may include the colour of the jungle animal's skin or fur, the type of food eaten and the sounds the animals makes. At the end of gathering the clues, a picture of the animal is revealed if no one guesses correctly.

Jungle Safari

Turn your classroom into a jungle safari and introduce preschoolers to several jungle animals. Have them draw a picture of their favourite jungle animal to hang up on the classroom wall. Craft binoculars out of two toilet paper rolls for the preschooler to pretend he is in a jungle safari looking through the binocular for different animals. He will sight different animals from the drawings hanging on the wall.

Jungle Animal Mask

Have preschoolers play the role of their favourite jungle animal by creating a mask of the jungle animal. A mask can be created out of a paper plate. Colour the bottom side an appropriate colour for the jungle animal he represents. Use construction paper to cut out shapes for the ears, nose, mouth and whiskers, if appropriate. Help cut two holes in the plate for eyes. Also punch a hole on each side of the plate to thread yarn, which will be used to tie the mask to the preschooler's face. Allow preschoolers to act out the jungle animal they represent.

Which Habitat?

The activity of "Which Habitat?" lets preschoolers see what habitat different jungle animals belong to. In an open play area, place different doll jungle animals and create a habitat in each corner, including a dish of water, a plate of dirt and a collection of leaves to also represent a tree. Show preschoolers a picture of one jungle animal at a time while introducing the animal's features and habitat. After introducing each jungle animal, randomly pick one of the jungle animal pictures and ask the preschoolers to show which habitat that animal belongs to by running to the correct corner. After each preschooler selects a corner, walk to the correct corner and gather your students around to discuss how the animal lives in that habitat.

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