Cinderella Craft Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Children are often enchanted by the story of Cinderella, the tale of an unlucky girl who is transformed into a princess with a little help from a fairy godmother and love. Whether you're hosing a Cinderella-themed party, or you're seeking activities to keep your little ones busy, engage children in creating craft projects that relate to this popular fairy tale.

Glass Slippers

Children would have a hard time making actual glass slippers, but with this craft idea, they can create something similar. Purchase inexpensive slippers that resemble ballet shoes for the children who are creating this craft. Provide each child with a pair of slippers, glitter glue and faux gemstones. Encourage the craft makers to use the craft supplies to decorate their slippers however they wish. Once the elements have dried, they can wear their slippers around the house. For a fun, modern alternative, have children decorate flip-flops as glass slippers.

Princess Crowns

Every princess wears a crown, including Cinderella. Children can create their own princess crown with this craft. Purchase plain princess crowns from a party supply store and distribute them to children. Offer kids glitter glue, faux gemstones, sequins and foam shapes. Encourage the aspiring Cinderellas to use the materials to decorate their princess crowns. Once decorated, children can wear their crowns for dress-up or to pretend that they are princesses for a day.

Magic Wands

Kids can pretend that they are fairy godmothers after creating their own magic wands from wooden dowels. Either have children paint or wrap ribbon around their dowels. Cut a few lengths of ribbon and glue them to the top of the dowel. Cut out a star shapes form cardboard for each child and have them decorate the shapes with paint and glitter. Once dried, help kids glue their stars to the top of their wooden dowels.

Pumpkin Carriages

Turn artificial pumpkins into Cinderella's carriage. Offer kids artificial foam pumpkins and instruct them to paint the exterior of the pumpkins white. While the paint is still wet, have kids sprinkle silver or iridescent glitter on their pumpkins. Cut out four circles from black craft foam and once the paint is dry, have kids glue two circles to either side of the front and two circles to either side of the back of the pumpkin, creating wheels. They can use a marker to draw a square door on either side of their pumpkins and glue a picture of Cinderella inside the squares, making it look as if the princess is looking out of the carriage.

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