The best colors to cover up colored tattoos

Updated November 21, 2016

Covering a tattoo can be difficult without the proper colours. Use black or very dark ink of any colour to create a new tattoo over an old one to cover it up. Remember that you might lightly scar every time you get a new tattoo. Using a flesh colour tattoo ink will rarely cover an old tattoo and may show scarring more easily than darker ink. You can also use make-up from your local chemist to carefully blend over your tattoo to cover and match the colour of your skin.

Black Ink

Cover a pre-existing tattoo with a new tattoo in black ink. Many people are tempted to try flesh-coloured tattoo ink. Unless the existing colour of your tattoo is very light, the flesh colour will probably not work and your old ink will fade through. Black ink will cover just about anything. Ask your tattoo artist for advice on what to use.

Dark Blue Ink

Look for dark blue tattoo inks to cover an old tattoo. The ink should be dark or vibrant to cover a lighter shade of tattoo. Ask your tattoo artist which colour blue covers best and how many touch-ups you will need to completely cover the tattoo. Very dark ink of any colour is usually suitable to cover lighter tattoos.

Flesh Tone Makeup

Use make-up you would find in a department store or chemist to cover up your tattoo. Find a flesh colour that matches your normal skin tone exactly to blend in for a natural look. Apply with a make-up sponge and gently blend. You may need more than one coat or pressed powder to seal in the effect.

Two Concealers

Pick two colours of concealer if using a flesh colour similar to your skin tone fails to cover an old tattoo. Pick a dark concealer roughly two shades darker than your own skin. Apply the concealer with a sponge and blend completely. Choose a second concealer that is a perfect match to your normal skin tone. Use a fresh sponge to cover the darker concealer with the second coat. Blend completely and cover with powder to keep the make-up from smudging.

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