What Kind of SD Do I Use for My CR-V?

Updated July 20, 2017

The type of SD card used in a 2007 Honda CR-V is largely dependent upon having the navigation system option installed. Part of the navigation system is a PCMCIA slot behind the screen that can accept any PCMCIA adaptor. That adaptor, in turn, can accept a card reader, the best being a combo 5-to-1 that reads every type of card. Then, the type of SD card is basically any one that the PCMCIA adaptor can accept. Also, any of the Honda EX models from 2007 can be equipped with the navigation system.

CR-V models

Honda makes three trim models for the 2007 CR-V. These are the LX, the EX and the EX-L. Honda also sells trim in packages, as Toyota has done. The Navigation package is an option only available on the EX-L trim level. Part of the navigation package is a PCMCIA card slot behind the video screen, through which an SD card can be used through the car audio system.

Option Packages

The navigation package is a specific option that includes the PCMCIA slot as one of its features. There is no card slot available with any other option package on the 2007 Honda CR-V. The navigation package is offered only on the EX-L trim models, which is the top-price Honda CR-V, at approximately £19,500. Except for this model with this trim, an SD card cannot be used on a Honda CR-V.

SD Card Formatting

All data on the SD card must be placed into folders to be read by the Honda CR-V PCMCIA slot. Also, the SD card must be formatted as FAT32. SDHC memory cards increase the storage capacity of SD cards from 4 to 32 megabytes, and the SDHC format can also work in SD standard slots with a firmware upgrade from the device manufacturer.

SD Speed Classes

There are two SD speed classes to the SDHC formatting: Speed Class and UHS Speed Class. There are several numeric standards that may appear on the SD card label, but they mainly concern video formatting up to high-definition video streaming. The most general, Class 2, is the format for any type of music file to play through a card adaptor in the Honda, including the microSDHC card(s).

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