What colors go well with maroon and gold?

Written by heather berkowe | 13/05/2017
What colors go well with maroon and gold?
Both scarlet and cream complement maroon and gold beautifully. (PhotoObjects.net/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

Maroon and gold are both regal, rich colours. Gold is the universal colour of royalty, money and wealth, and continues to be the trending colour of fine jewellery and accessories. Maroon is a shade of red with a hint of brown that is equally as rich and decadent as gold. The two colours go well together but are difficult to match to other shades. Since both gold and maroon are so vibrant, try pairing them with a neutral, "grounding" colour or add a bright pop of colour.


While rich, gold and maroon are not bright. For an added pop of colour, pair them with bright scarlet. Such a bright colour is best added in small doses. Scarlet earrings, ribbons on a dress, a belt or bead work on a top is the best show of a little personality. Don't add a scarlet top or skirt to a maroon and gold skirt or top; the colours will end up fighting for attention instead of complementing one another.

Chocolate Brown

Rich, dark chocolate brown is a perfect complement to maroon and gold. Chocolate grounds the two strong colours and can be used as the staple colour to connect gold and maroon separate pieces. It's best to use only a small amount of chocolate in one place. Wear a chocolate headband, shoes, belt or stockings with a maroon and gold dress or separate pieces, for example.

Pale Camel

Pale camel -- a light brown shade -- matches well with gold and maroon because it sinks into the background of an outfit, allowing the two main colours to stand out. Wear pale camel in abundance -- as base garments and accessories to a gold and maroon outfit. Try accessorising a maroon and gold dress with a pale camel patent leather pair of shoes, bag, or matt tights, for example, or wear a pale camel top with a maroon and gold skirt for a more low-key look.


Cream is white with a tad of yellow added to it, creating a richer shade of white. Cream is a perfect complement to gold and maroon because it grounds and connects the two colours with a familiar and popular neutral shade. Cream can be incorporated into a maroon and gold outfit as a belt, hat, gloves or wrap. Wear only one or two cream accessories at a time, and the thinner and more delicate the accessory, the better. Avoid wearing cream-coloured jewellery and shoes, as they tend to detract from the richness of maroon and gold.

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