Homemade Octopus Costume

Updated July 19, 2017

Though there is nothing wrong with wearing a store-bought costume for a costume party, at Halloween or for a performance, a homemade costume assures the wearer that he will be donning a one-of-a-kind disguise. Create an octopus costume out of simple materials for some imaginary, deep sea adventures. The octopus has a distinct appearance with its eight long limbs that you can highlight as the primary feature of the costume.

Nylon Stocking Costumes

Make an octopus costume out of a long-sleeved T-shirt and nylon stockings. The stockings should match the colour of the T-shirt. Cut the legs off of three pairs of stockings. Make the cut about 5 inches above the knee, stuff with white cotton batting and hot-glue closed. Add white felt furniture tabs to the undersides of the tubes to look like suction cups. Sew three limbs to the chest of the T-shirt and three to the back. The wearer's arms will form two limbs and the other six should line up with the arm sleeves of the T-shirt. Use face paint to colour the person's face to match the outfit.

Tube Sock Octopus

Create an easy octopus costume out of tube socks. Use a plain T-shirt and four pairs of matching tube socks. The T-shirt and socks should match in colour. Stuff the socks with cotton batting and sew closed. Evenly space the socks along the bottom of the shirt and sew them to the hem. Create a face for the octopus by cutting two ovals out of white felt and sewing them in place to create the eyes. Add smaller black felt circles to create the pupils. Use a permanent marker to draw a smile on the face to complete the octopus.

Hooded Sweatshirt Costume

Turn an ordinary hooded sweatshirt into an octopus costume. Use a solid coloured, oversized, pullover hooded sweatshirt without a pocket as your base. Lay the sweatshirt flat and cut the back and front of the shirt into three even pieces. The cuts should run vertically from the bottom hem of the shirt to about 5 inches from the top of the shirt. Create tubular limbs out of the cut pieces by using duct tape on the insides of the tubes to join the two edges. Stuff the limbs with cotton batting. Make two eyes for the octopus by cutting a plastic foam ball in half and gluing it to the hood of the sweatshirt. Add white felt circles to the bottom of the limbs to represent suction cups.

Other Homemade Octopus Costume Ideas

Use other methods to create an octopus costume. For instance, create a very quick and simple costume by taping eight lengths of crepe paper streamer to the bottom of a T-shirt. While this costume won't likely win a contest, children will enjoy it for imaginative play.

Another way to create an octopus costume is to sew three pairs of stuffed thigh high socks onto the bottom of a sleeveless shirt. Wear a fourth pair so the legs become one set of octopus tentacles. Cut an octopus figure out of felt and sew it onto the front of the shirt.

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