Pros & Cons of Plastic Storage Sheds

When adding a storage shed to your backyard, there are several types to choose from, including wood, metal and plastic. Plastic storage sheds generally comes as kits, with all of the necessary parts and instructions included for building. They are usually quite simple in design but are ideal for storing lawn maintenance tools, outdoor toys and other odds and ends. When selecting a plastic shed for your home, review both the pros and cons to determine whether it is the right fit for your needs.

Pro: Price

One of the main advantages of a plastic storage shed is its budget-friendly price tag. Plastic sheds usually cost less than metal sheds or those built from scratch with lumber. As a result, you can add a functional storage space to your yard without breaking the bank.

Pro: Easy to Build

Another benefit of a plastic storage shed is that it is usually fairly easy to build. You can purchase a shed at your local home improvement or mass merchandise store that comes with all of the pieces and fasteners that you require, so you can put it together quickly. You may need additional tools, but you don't need to devise a set of plans since the shed comes with building instructions. As a result, you can build the shed yourself so you don't have to hire a contractor and incur additional expenses.

Pro: Durable

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a plastic storage shed is its durability. Plastic is a hard material, but it is flexible as well so it can withstand strong winds and extreme weather. It is not prone to rot or insect infestations as wood is and does not rust or corrode as a metal shed might. Unlike wood options, plastic storage sheds are also fireproof.

Pro: Low Maintenance

In addition to being more durable, a plastic storage shed also requires little maintenance. You can easily wash a plastic shed by hosing it down or scrubbing with a stiff bristled brush and standard household cleaner when necessary. In addition, a plastic shed does not require painting, staining or sealing to maintain its durability or appearance.

Con: Appearance

One of the main strikes against plastic storage sheds is their appearance. Depending on the style and quality of the product, a plastic shed can sometimes look cheap or utilitarian. It can also look rather conspicuous amid the landscape of your yard since it is not a natural material and may not complement many house styles. On the other hand, you can build a custom wood storage shed whose architecture mimics the look of your home for a unified look in your yard. You can't paint a plastic storage shed either, so getting an exact match with your home's exterior colour can be difficult.

Con: Limited Options

Plastic storage sheds are only available in a limited range of styles and sizes. As a result, you may not find a shed that accommodates the equipment, tools and supplies that you plan to store inside it. You are also limited in terms of the colours available, which may be an issue if you want to create a unified colour palette for your landscape and house's exterior.

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