Wigs & Hairpieces for Thinning Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Men and women experiencing thinning hair look for ways to augment the appearance of the hair. Wigs and hairpieces for thinning hair is a large industry, especially with the ageing population of baby boomers. Wigs and hairpieces are less expensive than hair-transplant surgery, and the wigs of today are natural-looking and easy to maintain.

Reasons for Hair Loss

There are several reasons people lose their hair. Women often suffer from alopecia, which is female pattern baldness. Stress and hormonal changes also affect women's hair, resulting in thinning and baldness. Men can experience receding hairlines as well as male pattern baldness. Men often lose the hair on the crown of the head, and that hair loss can start early and may not be related to ageing. Diet can plan a role in hair loss, as well as a person's genetic make-up.

Wigs for Thinning Hair

There are many natural-looking wigs that can hide problem hair loss. Women undergoing chemotherapy often resort to wearing wigs if their hair falls out. A wig will cover the entire area of head and none of the person's natural hair is exposed. Wigs come in synthetic materials which are inexpensive, as well as natural hair which can be very expensive. Most wigs can be washed and styled just like normal hair, but the more expensive wigs should be handled by beauticians or makers of the wig to ensure no damage occurs.


Hairpieces are segments of hair that are attached to the area of a person's head that is bald or thinning. Hairpieces only cover a portion of the head. Like wigs, hairpieces can be synthetic or natural hair. Hairpieces for women generally have comb attachments that are positioned in an area of the head that has full hair growth. The hairpiece then falls over the thinning or bald area of the head, and is combed to strategically blend into the problem areas.

Hairpieces for men are usually sewn or woven into the balding or thinning areas of the head. The hairpieces are attached to areas of the head that have full hair and then blended into the problem areas.

Wigs and Hairpieces

Wigs and hairpieces for thinning hair come in different styles, colours and lengths. They can be matched to a person's natural hair colour or style, or can be completely different in style to effect a new look. Mixed grey wigs are available, as are wigs and hairpieces that are completely grey.

Men and women do not have to worry about bald or thinning hair affecting their appearance. Using wigs and hairpieces means that no one has to know since wigs are made to look completely natural and attractive. So many people today wear wigs as a fashion statement it is common to see them.

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