Exterior house colors that work with stone

Updated February 21, 2017

Stone facades are an investment and a design limitation. Your home can look richer and more substantial when it is all or partly covered in stone. It can also seem forbidding and dark. The paint colours for siding and trim will help to turn hard and unyielding into inviting and imaginative. Depending on the amount of stone, its colour, your setting and your neighbourhood, paint colours can subtly pick up the shades of the stone or highlight the stone as the main exterior design feature.

Light and Bright

An all-stone facade can make your home seem like a fortress. To shift the feeling from battle-ready to sanctuary, add touches of warmth with paler accent shades in the stone colours and the focal point of a colourful entrance. Mute the vivid hues of bright colours like red for a door by choosing wine, burgundy or faded rose. Paint window frames and entry gables on a grey stone house in creams and dove greys. Let the rock pile of your house be the star, but organise and soften it with trim colours.

Harmonise the Heights

A house with a stone façade on the lower level and shingles on the upper levels needs contrasting colour that is compatible, not jarring. The blues and greys of the stone foundation and first floor harmonise well with muted shades like teal for shingles, barn red for trim and more grey for a gabled roof. Or try something sunnier like butter-cream yellow for the upper stories with forest green trim. When the visible roof tiles or shingles coordinate with the grey or blue tones of the stone, they should be a lighter shade of grey to create an expansive impression rather than a compressed one.

Keep It Natural

Trim doesn't need to pop to emphasise the great bones of your stone home. Ditch the white, light, contrasting shades, and blend the house with the landscape by using natural colours. A stone house in tones of grey can be trimmed in sage green and soft grey paint. Colour the outlines of roof lines and window frames as well as the front and garage doors in pale sage. Paint utilitarian features like downspouts and gutters to match the stone. Reddish or brown stone gets stucco and trim in desert sand or taupe. The exterior of the house becomes an elegant showcase for the stonework instead of a disjointed jigsaw of varying textures and trim.

Paint and Stone Fantasy

When the stone on your home's exterior is the trim, choose a paint colour to create some character. Creamy vanilla paint and a red door can make a bungalow with stone entry arches look like a fairy tale cottage. Adobe paint and a faded turquoise door turn stone trim on a small porch and around windows into a Southwest stage setting that combines well with a drought-tolerant front yard of ornamental grasses and cactus. Factor in the roof colour when you mix hues of stone and paint for theatrical curb appeal.

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