Beach Wedding Apparel for Men

Updated April 08, 2017

Very seldom will you see a groom or his groomsmen in black tuxedos and ties at a beech wedding. Light, white materials, no jacket and sandals are all appropriate for a beach wedding. They are an escape from the norm, so relax, get creative and loosen up that tie.


Clothing should stray from tradition for the sake of practicality; if you are on a beach for a wedding, you are most likely either in the tropics or the southern part of the United States, and therefore will be traipsing about in the heat. A heat-stroked best man is not the most ideal way to begin a marriage.

Light Colors and Fabrics

"Nontraditional" does not imply wearing ripped jean shorts and a bright Hawaiian shirt, but rather tasteful clothing in light colours and breathable fabrics. White, cream and pastel shades such as blue and yellow are appropriate. Trousers should be worn, but they can be made from a lightweight material such as linen. Linen and light cotton shirts can also be worn. Black or navy trousers can offset a white top.

Groom and Groomsmen

The groom and groomsmen should all be of a similar or same style. Shirt ideas include plain white tunics, white tees with open-collared button shirts with the sleeves rolled up, white polos and decorative tunics (with embroidery or embellishment). For a more traditional beech wedding, try a white buttoned-collared shirt with a cream or sand-coloured day suit or a linen suit paired with a white tie. Bottoms include casual slacks of either white, black or sand colour, white drawstring linen trousers or dark cotton trousers. Shirt sleeves and pant cuffs should be rolled up.


Guests can be more informal. Light colours are the most appropriate and comfortable in the heat, but any addition of colour is appropriate. Short-sleeve button shirts, looser linen trousers, slacks and polos are all appropriate for the beach unless formality is noted in the invitation. If the wedding is more formal, stick to beachier tones of colour with light-coloured slacks and a short-sleeve or rolled-sleeve button shirt.


What to wear on the feet can be a tricky issue. If the ceremony is actually on the sand, being barefoot is an option. If barefoot doesn't suit the theme, opt for a pair of sandals or flip-flops. Other closed-toe options include airy leather boat shoes or comfortable driving loafers. Laced-up formal dress shoes are appropriate only if you and your groomsmen are wearing formal suits.

A creative shoe idea that involves all of your guests is to have a shoe station at the entry to the beach site and a ceremony during which guests can leave their shoes in exchange for a pair of wedding-colour flip-flops.

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