Room Decorating Ideas With Pink & Purple

Updated February 21, 2017

A pink and purple colour scheme works well in any room of the house. Pastel shades create a feminine look that might be suitable for a young girl's bedroom, but bolder shades can make a room look modern and striking. Balance the pink and purple shades with other colours throughout the room; otherwise the theme might look overpowering.

Colours and Shades

Add depth and interest to the room by choosing two or three different shades of pink and purple. Contrast bright and vibrant shades with each other, or complement pastel pinks with purples that have a hint of pink. Pick one or two neutral colours to balance the room, such as white or cream, because these are subtle and won't detract from the colour scheme.


You have many different ways to decorate the walls using pink and purple. Choose one colour to use on all of the walls for a simple design, and accessorise with the second colour. Paint three walls in a natural shade, and create a pink or purple feature wall on the forth. Use patterned wallpaper that incorporates both the colours, or decorate with pink and purple wall stickers or stencils. Add interest to the walls by using a secondary theme that works well with the colours, such as floral prints, polka dots and stripes.


Paint selected pieces of furniture pink and purple. Avoid painting every piece because this might detract from the rest of the room. Balance the decor with neutral pieces of furniture that complement the colour scheme. For example, oak furniture matches well with pastel shades whereas ebony furniture will add drama to stronger shades. You don't have to paint the whole piece of furniture but can instead select a small part of it, like the headboard of a bed.


Accessorise throughout the room with art, decorations and soft furnishings. Hang paintings that incorporate pink and purple, and mount photos in pink and purple frames. Cover your couch with a coloured throw, or scatter pink and purple cushions for a more understated look. You can incorporate the colours into your bedding, and hang matching curtains to add more vertical interest. Combine pink and purple accessories with gold, silver and cream ones for variety. All of the accessories should be spaced evenly around the room because the key to decorating with pink and purple is balance.

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