Ideas for dissertation topics for tourism students

Written by jessica nelson | 13/05/2017
Ideas for dissertation topics for tourism students
Tourism students can write dissertations on various aspects of the travel industry. (Jack Hollingsworth/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Tourism students study various topics related to the tourism industry, such as travel agency management, tourism marketing, conference and event planning, and travel industry law. Any of these topics could be appropriate for a dissertation as there is a myriad of information available for research.

Convention and Event Planning

Convention and event planning is an appropriate dissertation topic for tourism students. The aspects of convention and event planning include booking conferences and events, managing client requests, and handling billing and financial aspects with event or convention clients.

Tourism Marketing and Promotion

Tourism marketing and promotion includes elements of public relations and communications. In a dissertation, a tourism student can write about marketing strategies for various cruise lines, travel agencies, and hotels. Researching and writing about how to reach out to various tourism outlets using new media such as Twitter and Facebook can be a valuable research topic for a tourism dissertation as well.

Travel Industry Law

Complex and interesting, travel industry law is a topic with a large amount of information. Industry law in regard to airlines, cruise ships, hotels, and passenger rights are all interesting dissertation topics. As part of a tourism student's research, speaking to an experienced travel agent who deals with legal contracts regarding travel would be helpful.

Tour Arranging and Planning

Arranging and planning tours on location and in advance via the Internet for clients is a valuable dissertation topic. Designing tours for specific groups and around/in conjunction with local events that may be of interest to visitors is an interesting topic. Researching how to coordinate tours with other agencies in the geographic region in order to offer package deals is a valuable paper topic as well.

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