Fun Things for 10-Year-Old Boys

Updated November 21, 2016

Parenting a 10-year-old boy can be tough; he's too young to venture out on his own, yet the activities he once loved as a child no longer interest him. Instead of allowing him to play nonstop video games or watch endless hours of television, brainstorm fun activities that will engage him and get him out of the house.

Go for a Hike

Going for a hike is the perfect way for your 10-year-old to see the outdoors and get some exercise. To make the hike more interesting, let him map out the route you'll take. Many park departments offer maps of hiking trails; print one out for him so that he can mark the route and monitor your progress as you go. Allow him to pack a backpack with all the essentials from healthy snacks like trail mix to a compass. Purchase an inexpensive pedometer so he can measure how far you walk and set a monthly goal to encourage frequent hikes. You can also carry along a tree or bird identification book to see what you spot along the way.

Read a Book

Many 10-year-olds aren't thrilled by the sight of the book, but there are plenty of books that cater to the reluctant reader crowd and can keep kids entertained for hours. These books are engaging and easy to read; The "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series is just one example of a book that 10-year-old boys delight in. This book follows the lovable middle-school student Greg Heffley as he copes with the difficulties of being a scrawny boy among a school full of bulky jocks. Read the book along with him and discuss what he likes about the book every few chapters.

Learn a New Sport

He may already have a few favourite sports, but encourage him to learn the rules of a sport he's never tried before. For instance, introduce him to the game of golf. He can start learning the swing by visiting a put-putting course and he can begin to understand the rules of the game by watching a golf event on television. Once he gains enough interest in the game, you can visit a local golf course. Be sure to schedule a tee-time during off hours, so you can reduce pressure on him and allow plenty of time for him to ask questions or to do over shots if needed.

Cook a Meal with Him

Many young boys love cooking a meal, but some don't realise that cooking can be fun. Give him as much control as possible in the meal; allow him to pick out a recipe, make a grocery list and help you shop. Ensure the recipe is easy to make so that he can participate as much as possible. Let him pour, chop and stir, and encourage him to check the food's progress as it cooks.

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