Kitchen cabinet trim ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

When entering a kitchen, cabinets are often one of the most prominent features of the room, taking up entire walls. Adding trim to certain areas of your kitchen cabinets is often a relatively cheap and simple upgrade to the room. Trim can quickly transform the kitchen, turning a plain area into something chic and ornate.

Crown Molding

Crown moulding is a common trim in all types of rooms. This type of moulding can also be used in your kitchen cabinet trims. Whether the cabinets touch the ceiling or there's a gap between the cabinet and the ceiling, installing crown moulding is possible. Put one strip along the top front of the cabinets and another along any exposed sides. Crown moulding adds a classic appeal and dresses up plain cabinets. You can purchase moulding to match all types of common cabinet materials from oak to maple.

Side Trim

Adding strips of moulding to the sides of your kitchen cabinets at the point where they meet the walls gives the area a finished, elegant appeal. Side trims are one of the fastest ways to add embellishment to the kitchen. Simply measure the sides of the cabinets, purchase the trim of your choice, cut them to the proper height and nail them into place after staining or painting. You can opt for a simple strip of wood for a modern appeal or wood trim with ornate details like carvings or flutings.

Door Trim

Kitchen cabinet trims aren't strictly for around the cabinet edges. Adding trim to cabinet doors adds a new dimension and depth to the area. By purchasing thin strips of decorative wood and forming a rectangle that goes onto the centre of the door, it quickly changes the appearance of the cabinets. Apply a coat of paint or stain to the wood so it matches the existing door, or repaint the entire area of cabinets to give them a complete facelift.


Often kitchen cabinet trims are painted or stained to provide an exact match to the material from which the cabinets are made. Bucking this trend by opting for different colours turns your kitchen into a visually interesting location. For example, if your cabinets are all white, adding a bright coloured green or purple trim to the doors gives the room an artistic vibe. Gold or silver-leafed trim adds an air of sophistication and elegance when done in small quantities. Choose colours that go with kitchen decor, like your dishes or tablecloth.

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