Ways to make curtains for church-shaped windows

Updated July 20, 2017

Church-shaped windows are similar to arched windows, providing a beautiful focal point for a room and the curtains emphasise and enhance the beautiful shape. There are different ways to make curtains for these windows, depending on the type of effect you want to achieve for example aesthetic purposes, privacy or keeping up with the modern styles of arched window coverings.

Showing Off the Shape

To draw emphasis to the arched shape of the window, a long curtain pole that extends a distance on either side of the window is used because it allows pulling back of the curtains, using tie-backs to show off the window. A specially-shaped valance put around the top of the window, sheer curtains, and nets designed using the Italian Stringing design styles offer greater emphasis to the church shaped windows. Italian Stringing is a method of holding back curtains without any obvious visual means.

Simple But Modern Look

The arched window design is an ancient design because of the ancient church's preference for using it. However, accessorising through curtains helps give a modern look while retaining the ancient feel of the structure. A simple blind, hung partway up the window leaving the top, arched part of the window bare does the trick.

Providing Privacy

When using curtains to maintain privacy without drawing attention to the arched windows, standard floor-length curtains are used. Attach a curtain rod to the wall, parallel to the bottom edge of the window, and slightly longer than the arch. This design provides an option of closing the curtains for maximum privacy, or tying them back using a sash to show off the arch. The rod and shades of curtains can be custom-made to break the plain look.

The Artistic Look

Acquiring an artistic look on large church windows is difficult because, when using one coloured fabric, the curtains appear sparse and plain; however, using patterned fabrics can be overbearing. Strike a balance by using floor length, striped curtains made of light fabric, like Dupion silk. Alternatively, arranging strips of fabric of the same colour, but in different shades, creates movement and gives the window curtain an artistic look

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