Music Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A birthday party for a music lover calls for a cake that reminds the guest of honour of his favourite instrument or song. Musical birthday cakes are impressive, and make for some unforgettable pictures at the birthday celebration. You can create a dessert that reminds your loved one of a favourite musical memory in her life.

Microphone Cake

Ask your local bakery to create a birthday cake in the shape of a microphone, and to add embellishments like crumbled chocolate cookies or brownies to add texture to the microphone speaker, or edible jewels to add sparkle to the microphone handle. Or, make your own microphone cakes by making chocolate cupcakes, or using food colouring to make your child's favourite cake flavour batter black. Purchase coloured ice cream cones and place the cupcakes in the cones to resemble a microphone. Put icing on the tops of the cupcakes, and add black glitter or sprinkles to make the microphone top look more realistic.

Piano Cake

Take a picture of the piano your loved one has played to the local bakery, so the cake decorator can create a dessert that looks like the instrument. Ask the decorator to write a thoughtful message, in icing or fondant, on top of the cake, like "Happy birthday (guest of honour). Keep making beautiful music!" If your little one enjoys music and is learning how to play the piano, request that the cake be upbeat and whimsical by covering it in a funky pattern like neon polka dots or zebra stripes.

Sheet Music Cake

Create two medium-sized sheet cakes, and cover them in white or off-white fondant. Use black icing to create the notes, staffs, key signatures and lines that resemble sheet music. If space permits, include a few words of "Happy Birthday," or lyrics from a song that means something to the guest of honour.

Music Note Cake

Purchase a cake pan in the shape of a music note, and bake a cake in your loved one's favourite flavour. Cover the dessert in black fondant, or make the confection especially fanciful by using fondant in the guest of honor's favourite colour, such as hot pink or lime green. Another option is to visit your local bakery and purchase a tiered cake covered in impressive patterned or metallic-coloured fondant, and adorned with small, fondant music notes on each layer.

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