My Kenmore Top-loading Washing Machine Makes a Loud Noise on Spin

Updated November 21, 2016

Kenmore top-loading washing machines make many different sounds that are a normal part of the wash cycle, including clicking, swishing and humming. These noises happen when the gas turns on (for gas models), when the water enters the washer, during agitation, and during the draining process. The sounds are fairly quiet and end within a few minutes. If the washing machine makes a loud, unusual sound during the spin cycle, some investigation may be needed.

Normal Sounds

It is important to note what are normal spin-cycle noises on a Kenmore top-loading washing machine. When a "Normal" or "Heavy Duty" wash cycle is in progress, water flows into the tub and sounds like a waterfall. If you look through the lid of the washing machine, you will be able to see water flowing into the tub. The water sound will only last a few minutes and will not be very loud.

Spin Speed

High spin speeds can create a loud, high-pitched noise as the motor turns the washer tub rapidly. If this noise is disturbing, change the spin speed to a lower speed, such as "Medium" or "Low." Many Kenmore washers have a "Spin Speed" selector that allows users to change the speed. If the washer does not have a spin-speed selector, make a different cycle selection, such as "Delicate," that will utilise a lower spin speed.

Foreign Objects

If objects fall out of pockets when items are placed inside the washing machine, it can make a rattling sound during the spin cycle as the loose objects tumble in the drum. Select or press "Pause/Cancel" to temporarily stop the wash cycle, and remove the items from the washing machine before restarting. Note that objects can get stuck between the inner and outer tubs, causing a high-pitched squealing sound. If you do not see any items in the washer, look closely around the washer edges and remove any foreign objects.

Unbalanced Load

If too many items have been placed in the washing machine, it can cause the washer to become unbalanced during the spin cycle. The washing machine may vibrate and make a loud noise. Stop the washing machine and rearrange items in the tub, distributing them evenly around the tub. Check the feet on the washer to make sure each foot touches the floor at all times during the spin cycle.

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