Characteristics of an extroverted personality

Written by steve johnson
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Characteristics of an extroverted personality
Some people are naturally more extroverted by nature. (Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

On a rating scale, most people fit nicely between an extroverted person and an introverted person. In fact, people can move toward the introverted or extroverted end of the scale depending on the situation they're in. Introverts often lean toward careers that involve more solitude, while extroverts do quite the opposite -- usually ending up in positions that involve a lot of social contact. There are several character traits that come with being an extroverted person.


A clear sign that a person is extroverted is a desire to talk. Although introverts will talk as much as an extroverted person -- at least some of the time -- introverts tend to talk freely only to people they already know. Extroverts, on the other hand, will usually chatter with anyone who comes their way, even a complete stranger.

Drawn to Crowds

Even if they're not doing the talking, extroverts tend to be drawn to crowds of people -- or at least groups. Due to their enjoyment of social contact, extroverts thrive on being around lots of people, as opposed to introverts, who prefer dealing one on one or with only a couple of people at one time.

Enthusiastic and Animated

As it takes initiative to be a conversationalist, extroverts also tend to be much more animated as well, often using a much wider range in their voices during conversation. This may also include a more animated speaking style -- specifically regarding nonverbal gestures. Having negative undertones to a speaking style would probably lead an extrovert to very quickly becoming an introvert -- as few would desire their company. It's no surprise that most extroverts aren't negative and, instead, tend to be very enthusiastic, especially in conversation.

Assertive and Informative

Extroverts also tend to be more assertive by nature. As introverts tend to often be reserved, rarely asserting an opinion, extroverts have no reservations about these issues, especially when it comes to asserting their opinion. And extroverts don't hesitate to respond to others' opinions. Extroverts are also very informative, being willing to talk about a range of issues -- especially when it comes to volunteering information about themselves.

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