Latin & Greek Root Words for Kids Games

Updated April 17, 2017

Understanding the origins of words, including the Latin and Greek roots that make up many English words, can be helpful for many reasons. It can help students learning to read with their fluency and spelling skills. It can also help ESL students with word recognition.

It's Greek to Me

This game, presented by Scholastic, teaches kids about Greek influences on the English language through the Olympic Games. After selecting a country and choosing an event (archery or discus), players will be asked a series of questions. In the easier game, archery, players will be given the meaning of the root, and then asked to define a word in English that uses the root. Each correct answer will allow the player a bullseye. In the harder game, discus, players will still be given the definition of the root but will be asked to define a set of slightly harder vocabulary.

Greek & Latin Roots Skills

Quia offers students a variety of activities to practice their knowledge of Greek and Latin roots on this site. Flashcards let students test their knowledge of root word definitions of over a dozen words. There is also a matching game that uses the same definitions. Concentration is a memory-based game that asks players to match terms to their definitions, and the word search asks players to identify terms hidden in the puzzle.

Learning Root Words Games

This site provides two games, and has three levels of difficulty for each game, defined by grade level. The first game is called Break It Up, and presents players with a word on the screen, then asks them to divide the root from the rest of the word. Hints are available to help players with the answer. The next game, Line Match, presents players with a list of roots that they must match to the correct definitions.

Gamequarium's Root Words

Gamequarium provides a variety of educational games related to Greek and Latin root words. Rooting Out Words quizzes kids on the meaning of roots, providing them with examples to help them find the answer. Decoding Words is an educational game complete with audio that helps students learn how to identify roots and use them to identify words they don't know. There are also several interactive quizzes that allow kids to test their knowledge.

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