The Use of Commands to Increase FPS in "World of Warcraft"

Written by charles jackson
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Thanks to the enormous popularity of the "World of Warcraft" video game, it also has relatively low system requirements compared with most other single-player games. However, at higher graphical settings, the game can still perform inadequately even on some newer computers. Aside from changing the graphical settings in the in-game control panel, there are some other tweaks you can make using in-game commands to increase the frames per second (known as FPS).

What is a Console Variable?

Console commands, or console variables, are often known as "CVars" in "World of Warcraft." There are hundreds of these commands, allowing you to configure just about every feature of the game. To access the console variables, you will need to be logged in and controlling one of your characters. Accessing the console is done by simply pressing the forward-slash "/" key followed by the command you want to use.

CVar timing Method

"timingMethod" is a console variable added in a patch to help improve the performance of the game on computers with multiple-core processors. There are three possible values: 0, 1 and 2. The default setting is 0, but you may experience improved performance if this value is set to 1 or 2.

CVar farclip

While the graphical control panel in the game provides everything that most players will ever need, it is possible to further tweak these settings beyond what the sliders in the control panel can reach. Using the "/console farclip" command, followed by a number, will lower the maximum viewable distance, for example. This makes a major influence on performance, although setting it lower than 185 will make the game rather unplayable. Setting it at 0, you won't see the game world at all.

Other CVars

"/console groundeffectdensity" and "/console groundeffectdist" control the amount of objects on the ground in the game (flowers, rocks etc.). The former CVar controls the density of these object while the latter controls the distance at which they are rendered. If you are trying to get the highest FPS, using "/console groundeffectdist 0" is all you need to do. This way, you won't see any of these objects, but the game will look very basic.

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