Tips on Wearing a Garter Belt

Updated November 21, 2016

Garter belts provide an alternative to full pantyhose. There are women who prefer the garter belt over pantyhose. A garter belt can help to boost self-esteem by allowing women to know that underneath the everyday attire there is something special and feminine. Whether you choose to wear a garter belt on a daily basis or for a romantic encounter, there are a few tips that can help to take away the intimidation of putting on and wearing a garter belt.

Go For Quality

Be sure that you choose a garter belt that is of good quality. If you intend on wearing your garter belt on a regular basis, having good quality is important. Metal adjustment tabs and clips are much more durable and last longer than plastic. If choosing a back closure garter belt instead of one that you can pull on, check to make sure that the hook and eye closure system is sturdy and that it has at least two adjustment spaces.

Proper Fit

A properly fitting garter belt should feel comfortable, like there's hardly anything there. The garter belt should fit snug but at the same time it should not cause any bulges. Once on and adjusted to your size, the garter belt should stay in place throughout the day. Adjust the stocking straps to your body length. The straps should be long enough to be comfortable, yet short enough to keep any sagging or bunching from happening.


Some women prefer to wear a garter belt around the hips as opposed to around the waist. Try on the garter belt to decide what position is more comfortable for you. You may want to have a two garter belts, one for around the waist and one to wear with low-rise clothing. Decide where you want the top of the stocking to be and adjust the stocking straps for that position.

Other Tips

The kind of stockings you choose can make a difference in the ease of using a garter belt. Not all stockings are designed to be used with a garter belt. Silk stocking may be more expensive, but they are good quality and they last longer. Silk stockings also clasp to the garter belt easier than other types of stockings. Wear your panties over the garter belt. This will make using the rest room much easier as you will not need to readjust the garter belt when you are through.

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