Kindergarten cut & paste activities for community helpers

Written by elizabeth stover | 13/05/2017
Kindergarten cut & paste activities for community helpers
Lifeguards and others who assist people in need are community helpers. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

In many school districts, the topic of community helpers is addressed in kindergarten as a way for students to learn about people in their community who are devoted to helping others. Students learn about firefighters, police officers, doctors, teachers, postmen and many other community helpers. Cutting and pasting activities can also help kindergarten students develop fine motor skills.

Tools of the Trade

Provide students with a large piece of construction paper, scissors, glue, pictures of community helpers, and pictures of tools that community helpers might use, such as a fire hose, stethoscope, book and whistle. Have students cut out the helper pictures and paste them along the long side of the construction paper. Then have them cut out the tools and paste them under the community helpers who might use them.

Helper Map

Use markers and notice board paper to create a large map of the students' surrounding community. Provide students with printed pictures of community helpers and the buildings in which they work. Have students cut out the buildings and helpers. Assist them in locating the correct place on the map to glue each community helper building and figure.

Plate Masks

Provide students with paper plates and printed pages containing community helper hats. Have students cut out the hats and paste them onto plates. Assist them in cutting out facial features from coloured paper to paste on the plates. To complete the masks, glue a craft stick to the bottom of each plate to use as a mask holder. Students may then use the masks to act out different career choices.

Helper Matchup

Provide students with pictures of people in need of help from various community helpers, for example, people involved in a fender-bender, people trying to cross a busy street and a woman expecting a baby. Also provide students with pictures of community helpers. After cutting out all of the pictures, have students paste the pictures on a chart, matching community helpers with the people who need their assistance.

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