Makeup Application Tips for Women Over 40

Updated April 17, 2017

In your 40s, you begin to change things in your life to make them line up with the more mature person that you are becoming. Changes in relationships, career options and clothing are all a natural part of becoming a better you. In this same vein, the make-up products and application methods you have used up until now should be reviewed and revised to ensure that they flatter and enhance your appearance.


As your skin ages, you may notice fine lines beginning to appear. Because of this, you should avoid using heavy foundations and powders that can sink into lines, making them more obvious. Instead, place a drop of your foundation or a tinted moisturiser in areas like your T-zone or spots with uneven colouring. Use your fingers or a make-up sponge to blend the product in and then brush on a sheer powder over sections of your skin with excessive oiliness. When selecting foundation, look for items with built-in sunscreen to protect your face from damaging ultraviolet sun rays.

Eye Shadow

When using eye shadow, stick with basic, classic shades like browns and greys. Brush these on sparingly to avoid overemphasis of lines in your skin. Avoid dramatic colours and trendy glittery or frosted shadows. Too much bright colour can cause you to look older than you really are.

Lip Color

When selecting lip colour, stay away from heavy lipstick and lip liners. Lip gloss that has colour tint gives you some desired colouring for your lips but won't seep into lines and make you appear older than you are. Choose gloss in soft, natural colours like pinks, peaches or nude shades, which enhance your natural colouring.


Wearing blush can be an effective way to give your face colour and freshness. Cream-style blushes add moisture to your skin while adding colour. When using cream blush, you should apply it before applying any face powder. If you prefer powder blush, use it sparingly, brushing the powder gently over the apple of your cheeks and upward in the direction of your temples. Continue to blend blush until there are no sharp edges where the colour ends. Your goal is to add a hint of colour, so use blush sparingly.


The hair in your eyelashes may begin to thin over time. Mascara that is properly applied can restore a look of long, full lashes. Mascara should be black or brown, according to your natural lash colour. Leave coloured mascara to teenagers. To apply your mascara, start at the root of your lashes and pull the wand up and away from your eye. You do not need to apply more than two coats. A little mascara goes a long way and too much can cause you to look older and does not look natural.

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