Onion Scalp Treatment

Updated April 17, 2017

Hair loss is a frightening discovery. If you experience hair loss, your first thought is probably about what you can do to stop or reverse it. Depending on your personality, you may choose an over-the-counter treatment or a natural home remedy. Onion scalp treatments are a natural home remedy. These treatments are widely used because of the low rate of side effects and because it helps your hair to regrow faster. Onions also help to rid the scalp of germs. Applying the onion scalp treatment correctly will result in the restoration of your hair to its original state.

Prepare the Onion

To make the onion scalp treatment, you must first prepare the onion. Place one medium onion in a blender to emulsify; it should become a watery pulp consistency. Add 1 tbsp honey to the mixture, too, as honey is an excellent conditioner for hair. Blend the mixture. Alcohol, such as 1 c. rum or vodka, can also be added to the onion while it is being blended. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours before using.

Apply to Hair

In thinning areas, apply the onion scalp treatment. Part hair in four sections, and then part each section in half. Apply the onion scalp treatment directly to your scalp, and massage it in. An alternative is to rub one slice of raw onion directly over the affected area along with 1 tbsp honey. Do this procedure twice daily.

Treating Hair

Leave the onion scalp treatment in for 35 minutes to one hour. This will allow the onion scalp treatment to penetrate the hair cuticles and began repairing the areas that are damaged and thinned out. According to the "Journal of Dermatology," patients in an onion juice topical treatment study for alopecia began regrowing new coarse hairs two weeks after treatment started.

Washing Hair

Rinse the onion scalp treatment out of your hair, and shampoo with a gentle cleansing shampoo. Shampoo your hair enough times for the onion smell to leave. Follow up with a moisturising conditioner, and style your hair as usual. Repeat 1 to 2 times per month until desired results are achieved.

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