Romantic and Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Updated November 21, 2016

To celebrate your boyfriend's birthday on a budget, think outside the box and focus on gifts that have sentimental value or find ways to celebrate the day without an expensive present. There are many ways to show him how much you care without spending too much money, which will be thoughtful and meaningful tokens of love and affection.

Handmade Gifts

A handmade gift will provide your boyfriend with a present that comes from the heart. It can be made with items you already have or that do not cost a lot. If you have a particular craft or skill, use that to your advantage. For example, paint him a landscape of his favourite place. You can create a gift baskets, choosing items that fit into your budget. Fill the basket or container with gifts, such as a bottle of champagne, scented candles and chocolates. Some of these items, including the basket, are available at discount stores. For a gift that costs you nothing, write him a love letter or poem on a nice piece of stationary and place it in a picture frame.

Photo Gifts

Print your favourite photo of the two of you together or have a friend take pictures of you and place them in a small photo album. Picture frames and photo albums can be found at dollar stores and discount stores. If you have old picture frames at home, they can be refurbished by sanding them down and painting them a colour of your choice. Scrapbook supplies are also readily available at many dollar stores. If you don't have a photo printer at home, chemists print photos for less than a dollar each.

Romantic Gestures

Romantic gestures are great ways to celebrate a birthday -- and cost little or nothing. Cook your boyfriend his favourite meal at home. Enjoy it with scented candles, soft music and an inexpensive bottle of wine. Take him to the beach at sunset for a romantic walk in the sand. If his birthday is during the warmer months, you can have a picnic at a local park or lake with homemade sandwiches and pasta salad.

Sentimental Gifts

Give your boyfriend a gift that has sentimental value. This may be an item that reminds him of your relationship or how you met -- such as a DVD of the first movie you ever saw together or a CD that includes the first song you danced to. If you have items saved from your relationship, such as movie or concert tickets, trinkets, postcards from your vacations or other items, place them in a small, decorative box and give those to him as a gift.

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