Makeup Ideas for Witch Faces

Updated April 17, 2017

Come October 31, as of sundown, you are guaranteed to see numerous witches come knock on your door or walking down the street. Dressing up as a witch for Halloween is a popular costume for kids and adults alike. It's an easy costume to make and allows you to look mean and scary to help you get more candy. Try out a few of the following make-up ideas to scare your neighbours for this year's Halloween.


The first step to look like a real witch is to start with an unusual complexion. Many will think of starting with a green tint, but you can also make your tone look white, grey or yellow to set the tone for the rest of your make-up. Use a sponge to apply a coat of face paint to you face, making sure to cover as much as possible.


Draw wrinkles on your forehead and around the mouth with a black or dark grey make-up crayon. Smooth out the lines so that they blend in with your base, making the wrinkles more subtle. You can also use the make-up crayons around and under your eyes to create dark circles to make you look tired and older.

Scars and Sores

Mix together pink and green tissues with corn syrup to create scars and sores that you can apply on your face after you've put on the base coat. You can also use pre-made plastic zits and moles. In that case, follow the specific instructions to determine whether they should be applied before or after your base coat.


Some old witches have hair all over their face since grooming is not their main priority. Use the hairs from an old doll or hairbrush and attach a few pieces on moles, on your chin and to make your eyebrows look bushy. Use eyelash glue to attach the hair.

Spiders and Cobwebs

Add a few spiders and cobwebs with a black make-up crayon on your face. Draw the spider web in the top corners to make it look as if you are a witch who has spiders living in her hair, and make a spider dangle down to your cheek or on your nose. You can draw the spider with the same crayon, or you can glue a small plastic spider if you have one.

Black Lips

Use black lipstick to match your scary witch outfit. Any other dark colours, such as forest green, wine red and plum will also help you look like a scary witch.

Missing Teeth

Witches generally don't have great dental health. Apply black soft food wax or tooth blackener, available at most costume stores, on one or two teeth to make it look as if they are missing.


Finally, if you goal is to charm your victims rather than scare them away, you can add some glitter and sparkles to your make up. Put some sparkles on your eyelids or on the outline of the spider webs.


Don't forget the hands. Go the extra step and cove your hands in the same base colour you used for your face. You can also add some scars and sores to make your hands even scarier as you stretch them out to receive your hard-earned candy.

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