What Are the Most Flattering Tops for a Short Apple-Shaped Woman?

Balance is the key when choosing a figure-flattering top for an apple-shaped body. The apple-shaped body has a larger bust, broader shoulders, less defined waist and narrow hips, which makes shopping for tops that much trickier. Keep a few tips in mind when purchasing tops and you can create an illusion of slimness on top.

Wrap-Around Top

Look for tops that have a wraparound look in the midsection. Wrap shirts come in one of two styles -- a piece of fabric that pulls around your waist and ties to the side, or a shirt that gathers to the right or left side to create the illusion of a wraparound look. Shorter women will want to shop in the petite section first for shirts that are shorter than normal. The hem should hit the waistline or just below and have a fitted look, without being tight. Pair a wraparound shirt with boot-cut jeans and heels to elongate the legs and give you height.

Camisole and Jacket

Layer a jacket or cardigan over a fitted T-shirt to conceal the stomach of the apple shape. Choose a T-shirt that has a sweetheart neckline or a V-neck and short sleeves. The shirt should be thin so it does not add bulk under the jacket. Substitute a camisole for a T-shirt if the camisole has extra support for the bust line. The jacket should fall right at the waist line for a shorter apple-shaped woman; anything shorter will draw attention to the stomach and a longer jacket will make the woman look shorter. Leave the jacket open, or define the waist by wrapping a thin belt around your waist line, which is one to two inches above your belly button.

V-neck Top

The V-neck shirt works well for women who have a large bust. However, choose a V-neck that is not low cut. The style will naturally draw the eye downward to create an elongating effect to the body. In addition, V-neck shirts are versatile for year round wear. Darker colours are ideal in helping to give the illusion of a slimmer body. Animal prints, geometric shapes and other patterns also provide an illusion of slimness. Wear the V-neck with jeans, trousers, skirts or shorts and coordinating shoes.

Belt the Top

A button-up top with a coordinating belt will help to conceal the "soft" stomach and define the waist. Choose a long-sleeve, short-sleeve or sleeveless button-up shirt that is fitted in the centre but not body hugging. Wrap a thin belt around the waist. Avoid wide belts around your waistline because the size of the width will make you look heavier and shorter by cutting your torso in half. In addition to the button-up shirt, belts look fabulous with tank tops and thin sweaters.

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