The Best Lawn Watering Sprinklers

Written by heath robert
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The Best Lawn Watering Sprinklers
Consider the area to be watered when selecting sprinkler heads. ( Images)

When you go to the hardware store, the irrigation aisle may be an overwhelming sight when you're trying to pick out the best sprinklers for your lawn. To make the best selections, you will have to consider the size of your lawn, how many sprinkler zones you have, the types of plants that will be watered and the physical layout of your lawn. Without the right types of sprinklers for the job, your lawn could receive too much or too little water.

Impact Sprinkler Heads

Impact sprinkler heads are great for large lawns and can often be found on golf courses for their long range. If you have a lawn with an area larger than 1,000 square feet, an impact sprinkler could be the best choice for you. Impact heads are made out of plastic or brass and sit above the ground or stay hidden until used in a pop-up body. Brass heads are more durable and will last longer. Impact heads use a powerful jet of water pressure to move a paddle in a circle. The force of the water throws water over large distances, but most include a small set screw for dialling down the pressure for smaller applications. Impact sprinklers should not be used on flower beds, as the powerful jet of water can damage delicate plants.

Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

Pop-up sprinkler heads are the most common form of residential sprinklers. These sprinklers are installed underground, with only the top of the sprayer exposed to the surface. When the water is turned on, the water pressure forces a small supply tube above the ground. On top of the tube is a spray nozzle. These sprinklers remain in a fixed pattern and a fixed position, making them great for everyday watering of plants and grass. If the distance between your sprinkler heads is about 20 feet or less, a pop-up sprinkler is one of the best options for even watering.

Rotor Sprinkler Heads

Rotor sprinkler heads rotate as they water. This is accomplished though a series of tiny gears that are set inside the sprinkler body. When water runs through these gears, it moves the head in a circular pattern. These sprinklers use less water than traditional pop-up sprayers, making them great for wet climates or low-volume applications. Rotor heads can be placed on existing pop-up sprinklers. Rotor heads are a perfect choice for flower beds and shrubs, as the watering pattern is gentle and steady.

Square Sprinkler Nozzles

Square sprinkler nozzles are among the newest types of sprinkler heads. These small plastic inserts replace traditional pop-up sprayers. Instead of spraying water in a circular pattern, they apply water in a rectangle or square shape, making these nozzles perfect for strips of grass between the sidewalk and the street. Square nozzles come in a variety of preset spray distances for the perfect match to your lawn.

Oscillating Hose Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers attach to a standard garden hose and can be moved anywhere in your lawn. These sprinklers force water through a series of tiny holes in a metal or plastic bar that rotates back and forth. These sprinklers are the best option for lawns without an automatic sprinkler system or for hard-to-reach areas. Oscillating sprinklers are also very gentle on flowers, making them an exceptional choice for watering a wide variety of plants and grass.

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