The Best Types of Suits to Wear to Court

Written by jessica nelson | 13/05/2017
The Best Types of Suits to Wear to Court
Clean lines, muted colours and well fitting suits are appropriate for court. (Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

While in court, you want to project an image that is calm, collected, polished and professional. Suits that fit correctly, have clean lines, simple colours and not filled with busy patterns will project that type of image. For both men and women, it's simple to put together a look that will be appropriate for attending court.

Suits for Women

Suits for women that are appropriate for court are pantsuits and skirt suits with the skirt falling right below the knee or falling just above the knee. Pantsuits with a jacket and simple dress shirt or shell top are appropriate. Colours such as grey, slate, navy, black, and burgundy will give a polished, professional appearance for court.

Suits for Men

Suits for men should include a suit jacket with a white or black dress shirt underneath. Colours for men's suits include black, navy and grey. The clothes give a nondescript appearance, which gives a calm professional look to the wearer for a day in court.

Accessories for Women

Accessories for women can include a solid colour briefcase or purse in black, blue, brown or navy. These colours are muted and non-distracting. The briefcase and/or purse being carried to court should be medium sized and not overly large. The idea is to give the appearance of being professional and pulled together.

Accessories for Men

Accessories for men can include a briefcase in black, brown, grey or blue. These colours will coordinate well with their suit choices for court and do not reveal anything personal about the wearer, which is essential when in a court of law.

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