The best dog poop scoopers

Updated November 21, 2016

Waste scoops or "Pooper scoopers" are used to clean up the fecal matter left behind by our pets. Scoopers range from the simplest of designs, like a rake and a bucket, to more sophisticated tools created through years of research. The best of all these are the ones that make the job easier, cleaner and are environmentally conscious.

Scooper Genie

The ease of use makes the Scooper Genie one of the best pooper scoopers on the market. Scooper Genie consists of a lightweight pole that can telescope or extend to fit your height. The disposable bags at the end of the Genie have a wire frame opening that acts as a scoop. With the Scooper Genie you simply scoop the poop, hold the end of the Genie over a garbage can or disposal unit, then press a button to release the bag.

Sooper Scooper

The Sooper Scooper combines the traditional aluminium rake method with the bag technique. With the rake, you lift the faeces over the bag connected to a pole. Release the rake's handle lever to drop waste into the bag. A benefit of this scooper is that you can use bags from your local pet supply store rather than ordering special bags online.

Poop Hoop

The Poop Hoop has revolutionised the way poop is scooped. Rather than waiting until you pet has finished, the hoop design allows you to catch it as it falls. The trick is to wait until the animal has completely assumed the position and then place the hoop under them and allow the faeces to fall into the disposable bag. After a few walks, the process will come naturally to both you and your pet.

Pics It Up

Similar to other scoopers, Pix It Up incorporates a lightweight pole with a bag on the end for scooping. The main difference here is that you do not have to use specialised bags for the Pix It Up. Pix It Up received the Editor's Choice Award from Dog Fancy Magazine in 2002 for being the best new product.

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