Winter Flowering White Jasmine

Written by crystal huskey | 13/05/2017
Winter Flowering White Jasmine
The Chinese jasmine has a strong and sweet fragrance. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

The Polyanthus jasmine, "Jasminum polyanthum," is winter-blooming vine with white blossoms. It is a China native and a member of the olive family. It is also referred to as the Chinese jasmine, Winter-blooming Jasmine, Pink Jasmine and Star Jasmine. Although it is a climbing vine and can grow to become up to 20 feet tall, it is often grown in hanging baskets or large pots, but can also be used as groundcover. It is also a popular house plant.

Growth Season

Although classified as an evergreen, the Chinese jasmine does not blossom until late fall or winter. The buds stay small and closed until February, at which point they pop open into five-pedaled stars. It grows best in zones 9 and 10.

Physical Characteristics

The Chinese jasmine has wiry vines with thick, glossy leaves. The star-shaped blossoms of this jasmine are white inside with a pink tint on the outer edges. The flowers grow in dense clusters and are very fragrant, especially at night.

Optimal Growth Conditions

The Chinese jasmine can be planted in an area with full sun or light shade. You can start this plant off indoors, as long as it's placed by a sunny window. While indoors, keep the temperature cool for six weeks in the fall to set the buds.

Care and Maintenance

To encourage branching, pinch the stem tips during the growing season. Prune the vines significantly once spring comes. If you allow it to grow wild and forgo pruning, the branches and vines at the bottom of the plant will be bare. Secure the vines to a trellis or wall. It twines easily but requires support. In the summer and fall months, water your Chinese jasmine regularly.

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