Can I Steam Clean My Hardwood Floors to Get Rid of the Fleas on Them?

Updated April 17, 2017

Steam cleaning is an effective method in removing the larvae, flea eggs and adult fleas from hardwood floors. The high temperature of the steam kills the fleas and larvae, allowing you to sweep them away for disposal. It is important to avoid cleaning hardwood floors that are not sealed. Doing so may cause water damage and warping to unfinished flooring. To further avoid damaging the flooring, purchase a steam cleaner specific to hardwood floors.


While steam cleaning hardwood floors is effective in flea removal, the fleas may return if the source of the infestation is untreated. Treating the source involves treating any animals, carpets or yards if fleas are present. When steam cleaning the hardwood floors, vacuum or steam all surfaces of your home to remove as many larvae and fleas as possible.


Clean the hardwood thoroughly to avoid scratching the hardwood floors with dirt and debris before steaming. Add a cleaner to your steam cleaner specific to hardwood floors, per the manufacturer's instructions. Use warm or hot water in the steam-cleaning machine for the most effective results. Thoroughly steam the hardwood floors from wall to wall, making sure to steam in corners and beneath appliances or cabinet overhangs, if applicable. Allow the hardwood floor to dry completely before walking over the surface.


Sweep your hardwood floors after they dry to remove the dead fleas and larvae. Follow up the steam cleaning with another thorough sweep within two days. Sweeping the surface will allow you to remove any fleas that may have escaped the steam cleaning and hatched. Repeat the steam clean if you find multiple fleas are still present on the hardwood floors.

Preventive Maintenance

Vacuum your home often and seal the vacuum bag with tape before disposing. Keep your pets current on flea applications to avoid tracking fleas back into the home. Treat your yard with flea killing sprays or powders if fleas are present. If you experience additional infestation, use flea-killing foggers to penetrate hard to reach areas, such as beneath the home or in attics.

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