Which Acrylic Artist Paints Are Transparent?

Updated July 20, 2017

Acrylic paints are a very common and popular medium among new and experienced artists alike. Acrylics are often opaque, thick and quick drying which can make blending a challenge. There are lines of transparent acrylic artists' paints available from certain manufacturers and artists may use them to make their opaque paints more transparent.

Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylic Paint

The Winsor & Newton Artists' Acrylics are mixed with a binder that is translucent when wet and transparent when dry. Most acrylic binders are white when wet and transparent when dry, which is what causes them to change colours when they dry. Additionally, this line of paint features several transparent colours. A very popular brand, this line is available from most art supply distributors.

Pactra Transparent Acrylic Paint

Pactra's line of transparent paint consists of five colours: red, amber, green, blue and smoke. Each colour has a corresponding HTML colour code, RGB code and CMYK code so you know the exact hue that you will be using. Pactra paint is available from select distributors.

GourdMaster Transparent Acrylic Paint

GourdMaster Transparent Acrylics are described as combining the best aspects of ink and acrylic. This line is made using pigments to carry the colour, resulting in more vivid colours than when dye is used. Celebrated for its versatility and affordability, this line of paint is available in 16 colours and can be ordered online.

Mix Your Own

Making acrylic paint more transparent is a very simple alternative to buying transparent acrylics. Since acrylic paint is water based it can be mixed with water, which will make it more transparent and increase the time you have to work with it before it dries. Be sure to add only a small amount of water at a time until you achieve the desired result to avoid making the paint runny and watery.

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