Cheats for "Stick Page" RPG

Written by casey helmick
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Cheats for "Stick Page" RPG
You play "Stick Page RPG" on your computer. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

"Stick Page RPG" is a role-playing game hosted on and created by Stick Page. In "Stick Page RPG," you fall asleep to find yourself waking up in a two-dimensional universe. Your goal is to get as much net worth as possible before you wake up. There is a single cheat in the game which maxes your stats, gives you unlimited cash and all items, and starts you in the best house. To use this code, simply type "HenchHank" as your character's name at the start of the game.

Full Stats

There are three stats in "Stick Page RPG." These stats are Charm, which affects how well other characters react to you, Strength, which determines how strong your character is and how much damage he deals, and Intelligence, which affects your ability to operate things around you along with other problem-solving situations presented throughout the game.

Unlimited Cash

Throughout the game, you will need cash to do various things. Cash is used to buy better houses and apartments, along with buying items and adding weapons to your arsenal. The point of the game is to accumulate the most net worth in the allotted time. The equation for your net worth is your cash on-hand subtracted by your loans. So having more cash means having a higher net worth and grants you a better endgame score.

All Items

Throughout the game, you collect items which are placed in your bag. Usually you have to go through various quests to earn specific items. Other items require you to purchase them by going to the item specific shops and using your money, henceforth taking away from your net worth. However, by using the cheat code, you automatically start the game with every item in the game already in your bag.

Final House

You start the game with a very small problematic apartment. As your net worth increases, you are given the chance to spend your cash on getting a better house. By using the "Stick Page RPG" cheat, you start the game with the castle house, which fans might recognise as being the same castle that was used in "Defend Your Castle." The castle comes with a television which can be used to find out about local events and to purchase things from infomercials. The castle also has a computer which you can use for various social aspects in the town.

Max Health

In the "Stick Page RPG," there are multiple things that can hurt you, ranging from getting hit by cars, failing strength based skills or even fights. With max health, you take minimal damage from all these hazards, and rarely have to rest and recover your health.

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