Kids' Amusement Park Crafts

Updated November 21, 2016

Encourage your kids to make decorative theme park projects that preserve the experiences they had at an amusement park. Take pictures and collect souvenirs to use for future crafts while you're at the park. Your kids will enjoy talking a walk down memory lane when looking back on what they made, years down the road.

Keepsake Boxes

Show your children how to make keepsake boxes to hold all of their treasures from the amusement park. They can fill these boxes with Mickey Mouse erasers, pencils, cards, photos, theme park maps and other goodies. Use regular paper boxes found at a craft sore or buy wooden cigar boxes. Help your children paint the boxes bright colours featured at the park. They might want to create a specific theme, such as Cinderella, Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck. Find charms, flowers and other decorations that work well with the theme. Fake jewels, lace and princess charms can make a princess-themed keepsake box really stand out. Glue chosen items on the top and sides of the box.

Character Headbands

Encourage your kids to make character headbands. Glue princess, Mickey or other character buttons all across a thick blue or black headband. You can also use buttons or other embellishments from other theme parks, such as Knotts Berry Farm. The kids might also want to make Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears with black headbands. Cut out circular-shaped ears with thick, black felt and glue two ears on each headband. Glue a red and white polka dot bow on the top of the Minnie Mouse headbands.


Make bookmarks featuring favoured characters from the theme parks. Cut out blue, white and purple card stock strips to decorate. Adorn the strips with character stickers, drawings or stamps. Punch a hole at the top of each bookmark and tie 5-inch-long pink, purple or blue yarn through the top of the hole.

Memory Notice Board

Create a memory notice board with your kids. Buy a basic cork board notice board and use a hot glue gun to glue souvenirs, character buttons or other embellishments around the border. Hang pictures, character autographs and theme park maps along with princess tiaras and other mementos from your theme park getaway.

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