Wolverine Crafts

Written by jennifer elrod
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Wolverine Crafts
Wolverine has appeared in comics, cartoons and movies. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Wolverine is a character from the Marvel comic book series "X-Men." He is a mutant who has the power to unleash deadly claws from his hands during attacks. Naturally, kids are fascinated by the Wolverine character. Take advantage of this fascination by helping them create Wolverine crafts. They will get lots of enjoyment from these easy to make creations.

Wolverine Mask

A Wolverine mask can provide your kids with hours of fun. To make a Wolverine mask, draw an outline of Wolverine's mask onto paper. Make several copies, if desired. You'll also need scissors, a hole punch, tape and a piece of elastic. After drawing the Wolverine mask and printing out extra copies for duplicate masks, if desired, cut it out using your scissors. Don't forget to cut out the eye holes. Use the hole punch to punch a hole on either side of the mask. Make the holes about 1 inch in from the side of the mask. The holes should fall near your child's ears when he is wearing the mask. Use pieces of tape to reinforce the holes. This makes the mask more durable. Tie one end of the elastic through one hole, then tie the other end through the other hole. Let your child test out his new Wolverine mask.

Wolverine Claws

Many kids think Wolverine's claws are interesting. Help your kids make their own Wolverine claws that are safe to use. All it requires is cardboard, aluminium foil, scissors and a pencil. Draw three crescents of varying sizes on a piece of cardboard. These will be the claws for one hand. Cut them out, then lay them on top of another piece of cardboard and trace their image. Cut out these claws as well. You should have a total of six claws. Brush a claw with craft glue, then wrap it with a piece of aluminium foil. Do this with each claw. Cut out two rectangular pieces of cardboard. They should be small enough to fit inside your child's hand. Make three vertical slits in each rectangle. Gently slide a claw into each slit. Secure them in place using glue. Once the claws are dry, have your child try them on. The rectangular piece fits in the hand, with the claws sticking out in between the fingers.

Wolverine Felt Pillow

A Wolverine felt pillow is handy to have. Your child can take it to school for nap time, or use it as a travel pillow on long trips. To make a Wolverine felt pillow, you need a Wolverine head pattern, yellow, black and white felt, scissors, felt glue and pillow stuffing. If you can't find a pattern in your local craft store, then you'll have to make your own. Take a picture from a colouring book to an office store in your area. They can blow up the picture to your desired size and give you a print out of the blown up image. Take this image home and lay a piece of tissue paper on top of it. Use a pencil to trace the image to the tissue paper. Make sure to trace all the lines. Later on you will cut this image into separate pieces. Lay the original blown up image on top of two pieces of yellow felt. Trace the image onto the felt, then cut out the image. Cut the black mask pieces from the tissue paper. Lay these pieces on the black felt and trace their image onto the felt. Cut out the felt, then glue these mask pieces on top of the yellow cut out. Add a pair of oval shaped white eyes. Use felt glue along the seam to begin closing up the pillow. Leave an opening so you can stuff the pillow. Once you have it stuffed, continue gluing the seam shut.

Wolverine Stick Puppet

A Wolverine stick puppet is easy to construct. Find a picture of Wolverine in a colouring book or print one from an online source. Colour the picture with crayons or markers, then laminate the picture to make it more durable. Cut out the Wolverine image, then glue it to the top of a wood craft stick.

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