Activities for Children on the Miracles of Jesus

Updated June 13, 2017

At Sunday school and youth groups, children are taught about the life of Jesus from his birth to his Resurrection. One of the most engaging aspects of Jesus' life was his ability to perform several miracles, from healing the sick to raising the dead. Teach children about his miraculous acts and have them participate in related activities.

Coloured Water Fun

Turning water into wine at a wedding was Jesus' first miracle (John 2:1-11). Familiarise children with the Bible story and let them make their own coloured water. Tell children to dress in old clothing and cover a large area with newspaper. Put small amounts of different-coloured food colouring into several old yoghurt containers. Have children dip Q-tips into the yoghurt containers and place the coloured Q-tips into clear cups filled with water. Kids will be amazed at watching the water change colours.

Calm the Storm Craft

When a storm arose at sea and the disciples were frightened, Jesus calmed the storm, by saying "Quiet! Be still!" Share the story of this miracle with children (Mark 4:35-40). Kids can make their own boats as a related activity. Cut toilet paper rolls lengthwise in half to represent boats. Cut 13 ice-pop sticks down for every child so the ice-pop sticks will be able to stand up in the toilet paper tubes. Provide children with crayons to colour the toilet paper tube boats. They can draw faces and clothing on their ice-pop sticks to represent Jesus and the 12 disciples. Kids can glue or tape the ice-pop sticks standing up inside of the toilet paper tube boats.

Fishes and Loaves Necklace

One of Jesus' most memorable miracles was turning two fishes and five loaves of bread into enough food to feed a multitude of 5,000 people. Tell children the miraculous Bible story (Mark 6:30-44). Have kids draw fish shapes onto coloured paper and cut them out. Punch holes in the top of each fish. Provide kids with Rigatoni macaroni. The macaroni can be painted different colours or left plain. Children can string the macaroni and paper fish onto yarn and tie it to create their own necklaces.

Lazarus Game

Jesus had the ability to raise people from the dead and raised his friend, Lazarus, from the dead. When risen, Lazarus was still in his grave clothing of strips of linen. Read and discuss this story with children (John 11: 17-44). Tell children to get into teams of two. Provide each team with a roll of toilet paper. Set a timer for one minute. On the word "Go," one team member must wrap the other member in as much toilet paper as possible in under one minute. The team that makes the best "Lazarus" wins the game.

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