Fastest Way to Get the Contract in "AQW"

Written by jessica ring
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In "AdventureQuest Worlds ("AQW"), the Leery Contract, or Contract of Nulgath, is a moderately difficult quest. The quest is obtained in Tercessuinotlim, the secret lair of Miltonius. Finding Tercessuinotlim is actually the most difficult part of the quest. You receive 5,000 experience points and 10,000 gold for completing the quest, as well as a number of rare and powerful weapons. There are several ways to obtain the contract, though the fastest way is by hunting Mana Golems for Nulgath directly.


Travel to Tercessuinotlim in the Citadel in Dwarfhold. Type "/join citadel" into your text box to transport to the Citadel directly. Enter the cave and walk right until you reach the Tercessuinotlim portal. You need 50 Bone Dust to enter the portal from the Citadel cave. Bone Dust is collected from Skeletal-type monsters in the Graveyard, Swordhaven and BattleUnder.

Locate Nulgath

To begin the "Contract of Nulgath" quest, you need to find Nulgath Larvae. Nulgath is one of many non-playable characters (NPCs) in Tercessuinotlim. Along with running a shop in Tercessuinotlim, Nulgath also gives you quests to complete in exchange for rare items and prizes. The easiest way to find Nulgath is to type "/join Nulgath" once you enter the Tercessuinotlim portal. Alternatively, you can walk through the maze of rooms until you run into him.

Contract of Nulgath

Speak to Nulgath to view a list of available quests. There are a few ways to obtain the Contract of Nulgath, but the Mana Energy quest is the fastest. For each Mana Energy you bring you Nulgath, he gives you one of 12 possible prizes. One of the prizes is the Contract of Nulgath. Collect as much Mana Energy as possible before returning to Nulgath and exchange them until you receive the contract.

Mana Golems

Mana Energy is dropped from Mana Golems on the Para-Elemental Plane in Arcangrove. Type "/join elemental" in your text box to instantly travel there. The Mana Golem is a Level 25 monster with 37,658 experience points. They have a Scratch Attack which deals 82 to 98 damage and two Mana Attacks which deal 76 to 89 damage. You receive one Mana Energy per Mana Golem. For non-members, the Mana Golem also drops the Lilith Katana and Mystic Bleu. Return to Nulgath and exchange your Mana Energy until you receive the Contract of Nulgath.

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