How much does window installation cost?

The cost of window installation will depend on not only the type of window you are buying, but also the existing structure. If you are looking to replace the windows in your home, call a contractor to come out and give you an estimate. He can let you know a cost per window and factors that will increase or decrease the price of the installation.


The window installer will look at a variety of things before giving you an estimated cost. The age of the home, the type of exterior siding material used, any accessories required, window type, labour costs, taxes and delivery fees are all factors used to reach an estimate per window. If the window you purchased is missing any of the required hardware for installation, additional fees will be required.

New Windows

New construction windows will cost the most to install. These are windows in a new home or existing windows where the window frame is unable to be salvaged. Window frames with rot or damage typically require a rebuild. According to the Cost Helper website, expect to pay as much as £292 to £910 per window.

Replacement Windows

If the window frame is in tact, this decreases the cost of the installation. According to the Cost Helper website, you'll pay an average of £195 to £455 per window for vinyl replacements. To replace and install 10 windows in a home, you may pay out anywhere from £1,950 to £4,550. If you are using any speciality materials for the windows, you are likely to pay more. Window types besides vinyl include steel, fibreglass and wood.


If you are installing in a custom-sized window or a very large piece of glass, like a bay window, expect to pay much more for installation. Prices may increase by as much as double per window depending on your requirements. Also, if any repairs need to be done before windows can be installed, you need to pay extra fees.

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