The Sun, Moon and Stars Mobile Craft

Mobiles are kinetic crafts that are impressive but do not need to be difficult to create. The sun, moon and stars are an ideal subject for a mobile craft to decorate any room and as a craft for any age. Each object can be made from a variety of materials and attached to different supports.

Young Children

Young children who are preschool age to the second grade can create simple sun, moon and stars mobiles. Make homemade air-dry clay and colour each portion (see Resources). Children can cut out a sun, moon and stars shapes with regular cookie cutters. Cut out a hole at the top of the shapes with the point of a pencil and allow the dough to dry completely. An adult can help children string the shapes with yarn and attach them to a paper plate cut in half.

Older Children

Older children who are in elementary school can work on more complex sun, moon and stars mobile crafts by themselves or with some adult supervision. Craft a metal mobile with aluminium pie plates. Cut out the appropriate shapes from the pie plates with a pair of scissors. After the objects are cut out, children will use a nail and a hammer to form indentations on the metal to decorate them, similar to traditional Mexican tin cutouts. Punch a hole on the top of each shape with the nail. Attach fishing line to each shape and hang them from found tree branches.

Middle School Students

A sun, moon and stars mobile craft is an opportunity to teach middle school students astronomy. After studying the solar system, students can create mobiles about the different stages of a star, using the sun as an example of the main sequence stage. Students should illustrate each stage using watercolour paper and paints. Thread fishing line through the top of the pictures and hang them from wire coat hangers. Accompany the sun and star mobile with a mobile about the phases of the moon. Students should research the upcoming month's moon phases, from new moon to new moon. Students can print out the pictures of the phases of the moon from websites, such as NASA and Star Date. Glue the moons onto poster board and cut them out. Use fishing line to hang them on wire coat hangers.

Teens and Adults

Teenagers and adult crafters can used found objects to construct sun, moon and stars mobiles. Use sea glass for the stars; wrap nylon cord around each piece to secure it. The sun and the moon can be made from found metal objects that have been cut into shapes or bottle caps. Or found costume jewellery can represent the sun and the moon. Tie each found item with nylon cord in tiers to a thin piece of driftwood.

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