How to Make Pillars of Islam Crafts for Children

Updated April 17, 2017

Crafts are a great way to learn about religion while having fun and expressing creativity. Teach children the five pillars of Islam -- prayer, giving, belief, fasting and pilgrimage -- through creative crafts. Children can make fun objects that physically represent the five pillars using Islamic art patterns.

Five Pillars Building

This craft is the literal representation of the five pillars of Islam using regular household items. Paint five toilet paper tubes and label each one with one of the five pillars. Cut one paper towel roll in half; flatten and paint it to use as a base. Paint and label another paper towel roll with the word "Islam." Cut 10 squares from foam paper or heavy construction paper; make sure they are large enough to cover the opening of the tubes. When the paint is dry, glue or tape the squares to the top and bottom of the five pillars. Glue or tape the pillars to the base. Finally, glue the Islam tube on the top of the pillars. The craft represents the five pillars supporting Islam.

Five Pillars Mobile

Decorate five paper towel tubes with the five pillars of Islam. Punch holes through the bottom and top of the tubes and place a wooden stick through the holes at the top and the bottom, holding the five tubes together. Tape the outer tubes to the sticks to keep them from moving. Cut a triangle large enough to fit on top of the tube structure from construction page and write "The Pillars of Islam" on it. Punch holes in each corner of the triangle and use ribbon to tie the bottom corners to the top stick. Have children draw designs that represent the significance of each pillar on construction paper. For prayer, they can write a prayer and decorate it. For the pilgrimage, they can draw Mecca and so on. Cut out the drawings and punch a hole at the top of each drawing. Tie a ribbon through the drawing and then tie it to the bottom stick with the ribbon. Put a ribbon through the top hole in the pillar triangle and hang.

Five Pillars Poster

This poster can be used as a wall hanging and a reminder of the five pillars. Have children decorate the border of a large piece of construction paper using representations of the five pillars. Using foam letters, write the five pillars in the middle of the poster, spacing them evenly from top to bottom. If you do not have foam letters, have children write the pillar names in glue and sprinkle-on glitter. Let the glue dry and shake off the excess glitter.

Five Pillars Finger Puppets

Cut out five finger-sized rectangles from construction paper. Cut a 1/2-inch-wide strip of printer paper. Have children write and decorate the five rectangles with the five pillars. They can add geometric Islamic patterns on the borders of the rectangles. Cut the paper strip to the size of each finger and tape it to form a ring. Tape the rings to the bottom of the rectangles. Put the puppets on the fingers.

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