Who Are the Bosses in "Sims 3" on iPod Touch?

Updated April 17, 2017

"The Sims 3" for iPod Touch and iPhone is a simplified, app version of the "Sims" games for computers and video game consoles. Once you have built a Sim, you must lead your Sim through daily activities such as eating, dating and working. Holding a job is one of the simplest ways to earn money in the game. There are five jobs that follow different career paths, and each has a different boss.


Ruth is the boss of the Town Hall. Ruth will always be the closest boss to the house of the Sim, so a job with her means a greater likelihood that the Sim will get to work on time. Be friendly and polite when speaking to Ruth. Rudeness may prevent your Sim from moving up in the ranks to become vice president of the Town Hall. Because Ruth is the boss of the politics career path, friendliness with other Sims throughout town will also be beneficial to moving up in this job.


Marcell runs the Corsican Bistro and is the boss for the culinary track in the game. Although the politics, biology or criminal career path will be more lucrative, you do receive a meal perk by working for Marcell. Meals at the Corsican Bistro will drop from £32 a plate to a mere £9 once you begin work, and this perk will remain the same through promotions. It's worth trying the job if only to get the meal perk.


Kia is at the head of the biology career path and is the boss of the laboratory. Work for Kia at your own risk--working in the laboratory can be dangerous and you may accidentally hurt or even kill your Sim at this location. Even if you don't work for Kia you can still make money off of her--give her a catfish and in return she will pay you £130.


Bernie is considered the most difficult boss in the game. He runs the Quickmart and is the boss of the business track. It is more difficult to persuade Bernie to promote your Sim because his personality is a lot less friendly than those of the other bosses. Because the Quickmart does not include many perks, it is the lowest paid job in the game in terms of both cash and rewards.


Your Sim can make the most money by following the criminal track and working for Nina at the Pawn Shop. Your Sim can earn up to £390 a day once it's promoted to master thief. A job with Nina requires working nights, but if your Sim likes the high life and you want to fill your house with items, working for Nina will be the best way to do that. She isn't as difficult to work with as Bernie and although promotion won't necessarily be quick, the job will be a lot more rewarding than spending all day at the Quickmart.

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