The Best Oil Diffusers

Written by goody clairenstein | 13/05/2017
The Best Oil Diffusers
Use good-quality oil diffusers to ensure your home has an attractive scent. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

The desire to ensure a home has a welcoming and attractive scent has led to the explosion of the home-fragrance industry. With everything from plug-in scent diffusers and scented candles to bowls of potpourri and oil diffusers, there are many ways to give each room in your home its own unique scent. Oil diffusers are some of the trendiest ways to fragrance your home, made all the more popular because they require no heat source or flame, eliminating the risk of fire inherent with candles.

Attractive Vessel

One major aspect of oil diffusers is the design of the vessel that holds the scented oil. The best oil diffusers are made from durable, washable materials that do not retain smells, such as glass. They also have a fluted or ergonomic design that minimises the risk of toppling or spilling, while allowing the scented oil to escape the vessel and fill the room with scent. The best oil diffusers have a shape similar to an Erlenmeyer flask, with a wide, flat bottom and a long, fluted neck that lets the diffusing reeds fan out at the top and work their good-smelling magic.

Good-Quality Essential Oil

The best oil diffusers will, of course, use the best oils. Luckily, the type of oil you use is largely up to you, as essential oils can be purchased separately from the diffuser and are available in a wide variety of scents and compositions. The best essential oils are pure and natural, derived only from the plant source, and contain no synthetic fillers or alcohols. Use your discretion and buy in person instead of online whenever possible to ensure that you receive the best quality.

Reed Diffusers

The best oil diffusers use reeds to diffuse the scented oil. Reeds are a specific type of natural grasslike plant. When dried and processed, reeds make the best diffusers because they are naturally absorbent and wick the scented oil up all along their length for the strongest scent possible. In addition, reeds don't have a scent of their own, so they completely absorb the scent of the oil so you get an unadulterated fragrance in whichever room you choose. Avoid "reed" diffusers that are instead made of bamboo or wood; bamboo is not absorbent and does not work, while wood, with its irregular grain, is not as effective.


Reed Diffusers sells a variety of essential oils, glass vessels and reed lengths, mostly made in the United States, with positive consumer reviews. Commonly recognised consumer brands, such as Glade and Yankee Candle, also make a variety of reed diffusers that are available in your grocery store or mall. Also look for Greenair brand, which is manufactured with minimal environmental impact.

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