Hacks for 'Sims 3' for the iPod Touch

Updated April 17, 2017

"The Sims" is a series of video games that allows you to create your own character and lead a virtual life in a virtual town. Makers released a mobile version of "The Sims 3" for the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2009. While less versatile than the computer version, it led to the release of "The Sims 3: World Adventures" and "The Sims 3: Ambitions." For those who are too impatient to make simoleons, which is the currency used in the game, there are several ways to cheat.

Instant 500 Simoleons Cheat

This cheat does not require you to jailbreak your iPod Touch. Launch "The Sims 3" normally, then tap on the "..." button to pause your game. Select "Help & About" and go to "Gardening Tips." Shake your iPod Touch. Each shake will generate 500 simoleons. There's no limit on how many times you can repeat this cheat.

Cydia Source

You will need to jailbreak your iPod Touch to install various "Sims 3" patches that give you easy simoleons. Jailbreaking your device is against Apple's purchase agreement and voids your warranty. It may also affect the device itself, so approach this at your own risk. Once your iPod Touch is jailbroken, install Cydia if it isn't already. Open Cydia and tap on the "Manage" icon on the bottom. Tap on "Sources," then "Edit," and finally "Add." Type in "" when a pop-up window prompts you to enter a Cydia/APT URL. Add the source and let Cydia verify the URL.

'Sims 3' Money Hack

Once you have added the "" source to Cydia, exit the app and relaunch it. Search for "Sims" and you should see the money patch. Install the patch and launch the game to see 65,535 simoleons added into your saved game.

Sims 3 Ambitions Hack

Just like the other hack, search for "Sims" in Cydia and you should see the "Sims 3: Ambitions" patch. Install the patch and launch the game. This hack allows you to sell furniture and items for a lot more than what you paid for them.

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